Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists 2017

It's that time of year again when we start to think about looking for that perfect gift for the Guitar Players in your life, whether they play Electric or Acoustic Guitars there are always a range of handy accessories players need.

Here's our list of top Gift ideas.

1. G7th Guitar Capo, all Guitar players use Capo's whether they play Electric or Acoustic Guitar its generally one of those essentials that players keep in their Guitar case. 


2. Guitar tuners, definitely one of the necessities for Guitar players, is keeping your Guitar in tune, modern Guitar Tuners are very easy to use. Clip on Guitar Tuners such as the Snark and Planet Waves tuners are great small compact and easy to keep in the Guitar case or bag. We also recommend the Boss TU3 Pedal Tuner for Stage use.


3. Guitar Players Tool Kit, these tool kits are a great idea for Electric Guitar Players, they contain all the allan keys, screwdrivers, Tools, Gauges ect  you need to adjust and maintain your Guitar and keep it it's best playing condition. We stock Ernie Ball Fender and Cruztools Guitar Tool Kits.

4.  Guitar polish and cleaning products are always very useful, the Dunlop range of polish and maintenance kits are very popular, great for a deep clean of the body and Fingerboard.


5. Guitar Straps, with a wide range of colours and styles Guitar Straps are a great gift idea, we stock the Planet Waves range of Straps, there's plenty of options to choose from. And were always happy to order in products upon your request.

Prices starting from £13.00

6. Acoustic Guitars, if your looking to spend a little more on a gift we can highly recommend the Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitars, these smaller bodied Guitars offer such a big tone for a compact Guitar, great for Home, Studio,Busking or as a Travel Guitar.

7. Ibanez Electric Guitars have been extremely popular this year with their great range of eye catching Guitars, Ibanez are always offer great quality and playability and with price ranges to meet most peoples budgets.

2017 Ibanez Guitars

2017 Ibanez Guitars

The 2017 Namm show is now over and we've seen many new interesting Guitars and equipment released for this year, though my personal favourite is the 2017 range of Ibanez Guitars, the 2017 product range looks really well thought out with some great new eye catching finishes on the RG range, particulary the RG6PCMLTD and the RG1070PBZ look absolutely stunning. Ibanez Guitars are not just for playing Metal, Ibanez offer some top notch semi hollow Guitars and have also introduced some stunning new Artstar models, Hollow body Jazzers aswell as some great new concepts on their Bass Guitar range, not to mention the new Acoustic Guitar finishes, it seems for 2017 there really is something for everyone on the Ibanez range.

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