Lava Music Guitars

Lava Music Guitars

Lava Music Guitars offer a interesting new concept of Acoustic Guitar manufacturing, I must admit I was skeptical when first looking at these Guitars, but after trying the Blue Lava Original Guitar I was very impressed with sound and feel and the full depth of tone it produced, I really hadn't expected such a big sound from such a compact sized Guitar, the power and volume it gave was more akin to a larger bodied acoustic. 

The Blue Lava original has a pure acoustic option and a electro version with pickup system, both perform fantastically, and are great for home, small gigs and very well suited for travelling due to a HPL (High Pressure Laminate) body construction, which works to achieve resistance against moisture and temprature changes that traditional solid top Guitars can suffer from.

The Blue Lava also comes with a nice quality padded bag.

Definitely a Guitar you should check out, the prices can start from around £300 upwards, great for all levels of player from beginner to professional.


NAMM Show 2020

NAMM Show 2020

Kendall Guitars first trip to the NAMM Show 2020, after 16 years of running the Shop this was the first year I've been able to get away and attend the NAMM show in Annaheim California, its been on my to do list for many years, I've previously visited UK and the Frankfurt Musikmesse Guitar shows before, but NAMM is the best show Music trade show to attend.

The first opening day was the 16th January, there were huge crowds of musicians and retailers waiting to get into the show, once you first see the size of the building from the outside you have no idea how huge it is inside.

The doors opened at 10.00 and there was a huge surge to get in and get the day started. very soon there is a overwhelming noise of Guitars, Drums and chatter throughout the halls, there are four huge main levels throughout the building, where all manner of Guitars, Amps, Drums, Keyboards, Effects, Brass and Woodwind, and DJ equipment is on display for retailers to view and try.

There were many brands and companies that were there including the big names in the Guitar world such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, PRS,  but also many other smaller companies making very cool and interesting gear.

As you walk around you start to recognize a few faces, from well know Guitarists, Youtuber's and brand owners, all the stand holders I spoke with were were extremely friendly, as a Luthier myself I really enjoyed chatting with other Guitar makers and Luthiers.

Over all a brilliant experience and trade event to attend, I will hopefully visit NAMM again in the future.

Here's my Youtube Video of the event here.

Gibson Guitars at the NAMM show 2020



 Namm show 2020


Fender Vintera Guitars

Fender Vintera Guitars

Introducing the new Fender Vintera series Guitars, Fender have recently released their new range of Electric Guitars, the Vintera range has some new interesting models, which have now replaced the old Classic series Guitars which focused on the Fender styles and specifications of the classic era's such as the 50's 60's and 70's.

The Fender Vintera range does follow a similar theme of making those classic Fender instruments close to the spec of the 60's 70's but with some modern touches, also now the Jaguar and Jazzmaster Guitars have been added into the line up.

Some of the new Vintera modified models such as the 60's Stratocaster Modified now feature modern touches like the new hotter pickups and a S-1 switch to add extra voices to the arsenal of tones you can achieve, modern neck profiles, modern bridges and some new colour options.

So if your looking for a vintage style Fender but still like the luxury of modern Guitars then the Vintera is well worth checking out.


Taylor GS Mini Guitar Review

Taylor GS Mini Guitar Review

Well what can you say about the Taylor GS Mini Guitars, the Taylor GS mini has come along way over the years and proved itself to be one of the best 3/4 size or compact Acoustic Guitars on the market, since it's launch in the late 90's the little GS Mini has gained respect from thousands of players worldwide thanks to its rich full tone, easy playabilty, affordability and compact size.

Despite it's smaller body size the little GS manages to excel at producing a full rich tone that you'd expect to hear from a much larger acoustic Guitar. The GS handles all playing styles very well and is evenly balanced in it's tonal output.

The Taylor GS mini construction features a solid top using either Mahogany, Spruce or Koa depending on the model, they all feature a layered unbraced back which really helps to improve the bass, volume output and warmth. The Fretboard and Bridge are both made from Ebony giving and edge of quality and feel. The GS Mini range also comes equipped with a Taylor soft case which offers plenty of protection, and great for transporting your Guitar.

The Taylor GS Mini range currently consists of three main models, the GS Mini Mahogany, GS Mini e Walnut and the GS Mini e Koa, the GS Mini Mahogany is a pure Acoustic Guitar, though if needed you can install a Taylor ES Go pickup system fairly easily. The Taylor GS Mini e Walnut and the Koa are both Electro Acoustic Guitars that feature Taylor's own ES-B Onboard preamp/pickup system, the ESB also features an onboard tuner which is always very useful.

Overall a great range of Guitars that you should definately check out, whether it's your first Guitar, Busking, Travel Guitar or just something fun to play on the couch at home, the GS Mini Guitars should be on your Guitar list.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitarists

It's that time of year again when we start to think about looking for that perfect gift for the Guitar Players in your life, whether they play Electric or Acoustic Guitars there are always a range of handy accessories players need.

Here's our list of top Gift ideas.

1. G7th Guitar Capo, all Guitar players use Capo's whether they play Electric or Acoustic Guitar its generally one of those essentials that players keep in their Guitar case. 


2. Guitar tuners, definitely one of the necessities for Guitar players, is keeping your Guitar in tune, modern Guitar Tuners are very easy to use. Clip on Guitar Tuners such as the Snark and Planet Waves tuners are great small compact and easy to keep in the Guitar case or bag. We also recommend the Boss TU3 Pedal Tuner for Stage use.


3. Guitar Players Tool Kit, these tool kits are a great idea for Electric Guitar Players, they contain all the allan keys, screwdrivers, Tools, Gauges ect  you need to adjust and maintain your Guitar and keep it it's best playing condition. We stock Ernie Ball Fender and Cruztools Guitar Tool Kits.

4.  Guitar polish and cleaning products are always very useful, the Dunlop range of polish and maintenance kits are very popular, great for a deep clean of the body and Fingerboard.


5. Guitar Straps, with a wide range of colours and styles Guitar Straps are a great gift idea, we stock the Planet Waves range of Straps, there's plenty of options to choose from. And were always happy to order in products upon your request.

Prices starting from £13.00

6. Acoustic Guitars, if your looking to spend a little more on a gift we can highly recommend the Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitars, these smaller bodied Guitars offer such a big tone for a compact Guitar, great for Home, Studio,Busking or as a Travel Guitar.

7. Ibanez Electric Guitars have been extremely popular this year with their great range of eye catching Guitars, Ibanez are always offer great quality and playability and with price ranges to meet most peoples budgets.

2017 Ibanez Guitars

2017 Ibanez Guitars

The 2017 Namm show is now over and we've seen many new interesting Guitars and equipment released for this year, though my personal favourite is the 2017 range of Ibanez Guitars, the 2017 product range looks really well thought out with some great new eye catching finishes on the RG range, particulary the RG6PCMLTD and the RG1070PBZ look absolutely stunning. Ibanez Guitars are not just for playing Metal, Ibanez offer some top notch semi hollow Guitars and have also introduced some stunning new Artstar models, Hollow body Jazzers aswell as some great new concepts on their Bass Guitar range, not to mention the new Acoustic Guitar finishes, it seems for 2017 there really is something for everyone on the Ibanez range.

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