Guitar Repairs

Here at Kendall Guitars we carry out a complete range of Guitar repairs and servicing.

From basic restrings to refrets we are able to carry out all jobs in house.

As we are always busy with repairs, all repair work must be booked in prior to carrying out any work.

Guitar Repair Price Guide 2019

Fit new set of strings and tune steel string Guitar - £15.00 + Strings

Fit new set of stings and tune Classical Guitar - £20.00 + Strings

Fit new strings on Floyd Rose Guitar and tune - £45.00 + Strings

Set up Acoustic Guitar from - £50.00

Set up Electric Guitar from - £55

Set up Floyd Rose Guitar from - £60.00

Fit new input Jack from - £25.00

Fit new plastic Nut from - £55.00

Fit new Bone Nut from - £80.00

Hourly Labour Rate @£36 per hour

All Guitar repairs and service can vary greatly, so each job will be assessed upon inspection.


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